Related Costs Appraisal, environmental reports (if required), and escrow closing costs (including insurance and legal closing costs) may be included in the loan. Advertiser & Editorial Disclosure. The 504 loan consists of a conventional first mortgage, typically for 50 percent of the project cost, from a third-party lender. This allows your business to conserve working capital to grow your business. The final rate is set at the time of loan funding. By leveraging 50% traditional financing sources with 40% SBA guaranteed 504 loans, small business receive a balanced package allowing business growth and job creation. *15% required if the business is a start-up or the real estate is considered special purpose; 20% if both. The calculator can also determine your approximate monthly payments. Longer terms result in lower monthly payments for the borrower without the concern of balloon payments due prior to the loan maturity. :39=2823=24<36:",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j