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The emergence of MgO Boards is one of the latest trends in construction and decoration. Since we’re committed to providing our services to the growing domestic demand with the best prices and the highest quality, we established a factory which meets the needs of the local and neighboring markets. The uses of Oxide boards are various and in our factory, we produce oxide boards, gypsum board ceilings and metal ceilings with high quality and according to the needs of our customers.

Since we started, we have been seeking for the quality and services leadership so we were from the beginning compliance with providing the best with our highly technical facilities which are used by qualified workers beside a selection of professional engineers with a high sense of ability and innovation.

We became well-known in this field due to success, our customers’ confidence and continues the effort of an integrated team with experience in manufacturing environmentally friendly construction products.

We are proud to be one of the first factories in the Middle East and the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

The product is ISO 9001 certified for international quality standards.

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